Installing Preloader v0.29 is a smart choice. When we speak about the Nintendo Wii bricking and how these instructions must be followed exactly to the TEE, this is one of those times you must be very careful. Before  installing Preloader you must know it is optional. What Preloader does is it boots before the Nintendo System Menu, when the Wii is bricked and will not load Preloader will still allow The Homebrew Channel to load(99.9% of the time). After HBC is loaded the Nintendo Wii Backup(thatwas created with Bootmii) can then be applied to restore the Nintendo to it’s original out-of-the-box factory condition(or at least close to it).

With this said, my personal opinion is that if you intend to upload a ton of junk and different Homebrew software to the Wii it’s probably a good idea to install it. If the modifications end with this tutorial then it is likely Preloader will not need to be installed.

To install Preloader go through the steps following. Otherwise click HERE to return to the guide.

Preloader v0.29

  1. Launch WAD Manager from The Homebrew Channel.
  2. Press A to agree and continue.
  3. Selected IOS version should be < IOS 249 >.
  4. Select Wii SD Slot, then open up [WAD], and select ‘IOS60-patched.wad’.
  5. Make sure Select action reads < Install WAD > and press A.
  6. Press any button to continue after installation, and press Home to return to Homebrew Channel.
  7. Launch Preloader from The Homebrew Channel.
  8. When you are ready to install press 1, this will install Preloader and load it.
  9. Go to ‘Systemmenu Hacks’, everything is disabled.
  10. You want to enable ‘Skip disc update check’ and the 3 Regions. Do this by highlighting them then Press A.
  11. Go to ‘Save Settings’ at the bottom, Press A, and ‘Settings Saved’ appears press B to go back.
  12. Go down to ‘Settings‘, set autoboot to Systemmenu, Save Settings, Press B to go back.

Preloader is now installed. Continue the guide where you left off. Click HERE to return.


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    […] Preloader v0.29 is optional. It offers safety against bricks, but is also risky to install. Click HERE to install […]

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