BootMii Backup

Now it’s time to backup the Wii. Smart choice, this backup will recover the Wii if it becomes bricked(99.9% of the time). Have an SD CARD with at least 550mb of free space. Try to avoid using generic SD CARDS for this process. If you get an error or something is not working correctly, especially using your console’s power/reset/eject button this may be due to the SD CARD. If this problem occurs it is also possible to navigate the Bootmii menu with a GameCube remote.

BootMii NAND Backup

  1. Make sure the SD CARD is in the Wii. It should be at this point. We will save the NAND backup to the same SD CARD that you using to install the mod.
  2. If BootMii was loaded to the boot2 it will load when the Wii is reset. If it’s loaded to the IOS then simply launch The Homebrew Channel, then press Home on the Wiimote, then select Launch Bootmii.
  3. Use the power/reset/eject buttons on the console to navigate in the Bootmii menu. A GameCube controller works in slot 1 as well.
  4. Select the icon with the gears on it.
  5. Now select the icon with a green arrow pointing from the chip to the SD card and follow the on screen instructions.
  6. After the backup is complete save it to a PC.

The backup is now complete. Click HERE to return to the guide.


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